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129090, Prospekt Mira, 3/1, Moscow, Russia
Kate Turbina
Commercial interior
architect / Art-director
Designed structures are designed with a functional component, project budget and environmental factors. A smart approach to these conditions opens up endless possibilities for creating spaces for business, work and leisure.

If you are interested in material or comments on the topic of commercial interiors, write me to: info@kateturbina.com

For partners
I am looking for suppliers and makers in the field of furniture, lighting equipment, interesting production and technical solutions to design objects and unique details. If you are engaged in the supply of exclusive modern furniture, plastic recycling, furniture and equipment production, construction work in the field of commercial interiors, write to: info@kateturbina.com

Join my team
— Architect
— Architect Assistant
— 3d visualizer
Simplicity is about taking away the obvious and adding the meaningful
While working with a space its crucial to approach a balance at the edge of innovative ideas, functions, relevant materials and a delicate attitude to the context.
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