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I use principles of design management and apply user-centred approach in design development

Forms of cooperation:
Option 01. Light touch

Existing design analysis, closing the issues of a complete set and aesthetics.

Result: new interior avoiding repair
Deadlines: from 1 week
Option 02. Concept Design

Leading a team, developing the aesthetics, major functional layout, furniture and equipment layout, coordinating 3D visualisation development.

Result: the project idea, the major layout of the space, 3D renderings.
Deadlines: from 4 weeks
Option 03. Art Direction

Leading and couching the project team, developing the aesthetics, coordinating the major functional and furniture layout development, guiding the process of 3D graphics and controlling the development of drawing albums.

Result: the project idea, the major layout of the space, 3D renderings, the working drawings.
Deadlines: from 8 weeks
Option 04. Integration

Participating in the multi-professional teams on complex multi-level projects. Resolving the aesthetics issues.

Result: unordinary project for media like Dezeen etc.
Deadlines: from 8 weeks
Option 05. Team leading

Overseeing the drawing development by the team.

Result: drawings album
Deadlines: from 4 weeks
Option 06. Complete project

Completing under 1000 sq. m. self made projects: from the Idea stage till the architectural supervision during the complete project cycle.

Result: Implementing the project.
Deadlines: from 12 weeks

Project types

Team Office
Public space
Show room
Retail space
Sales office
Design code apartment

Commercial interiors


Creating elegant concept designs for commercial interiors.

Analysing initial data, synchronising information, finding solutions.

Interacting with professional teams to work on massive projects.
Leading design teams.

Applying principles of design management.

Practising methods of user-centred design.

Considering budgets, business and marketing strategy requirements.


129090, Prospekt Mira, 3/1, Moscow, Russia
Kate Turbina
Commercial interior
Architect / Interior designer
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